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We're currently building all sorts of awesome things, including the Qub³d Engine, a brand new voxel game engine with C++ and OpenGL & Vulkan. We'll also be creating an epic default game for Sandblox, currently entitled Horizons.



Our development platform is GITHUB. We use Discord as our main communication platform, and Mattermost as a secondary platform for those who can't use Discord.



the protectors of our vision

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Hey I'm John, a Third Year Game Development student who is specialising in computer graphics. I am also the graphics lead for Qub3d focusing on the integration of the OpenGL/Vulkan into the renderer. I have also programmed for over 10 years now focusing primarily in C++.

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Eyo! I currently am the Lead SysAdmin (Server Manager), alongside Zicklag. I like to help out in general, but my strengths are server management and Python. I've been programming for over 10 years, and now primarily in Python & C. :)

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Sup! I'm Blaclegi. I'm the Lead Developer, as I have an extensive past in C++ & OpenGL. I initially developed the Demo application, and recieved a Staff position, I now lead development and help out making sure the coding standards are up to scratch

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I love doing pixelart and have been fascinated with Voxel Games ever since Minecraft Beta 1.8 released back in 2011. My favorite shape is a cube as it's such a special shape, and love pixels because they are so simple yet advanced. I am 1 of the 2, together with The Scarecrowman, that founded Qub³d back on Feb 5th 2017.

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Hey There! My name is Austin and I am a 3rd year computer science student. I am helping Qub³d by directing the community. I manage communication systems such as phab and discord as well as running the blog and social media.

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I coordinate and manage the design of games and mods, helping out in bits all around the project.

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I protect the vision of technology. I oversee development from a technical aspect and oversee mainstream operations. I'm slightly humorous and don't turn down a good joke.

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I am in charge of protecting the vision of the user, I oversee development of the games as well as the design of services that our users interact with.

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I am the Lead DevOps. I lead finding the best techincal cloud solutions and, alongside BeeperDeeper089, work to deploy those applications in a secure production environment!